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Loganair converts aircraft for COVID-19 assistance

Loganair has recently confirmed it is now working closely with the Scottish Air Ambulance Service (SAS) to provide assistance for air ambulance capability. It comes as the service faces the unprecedented challenges created by the outbreak.

So far a Loganair Twin Otter has been converted fitted with Epishuttle isolation pods for the safe transport of COVID-19 patients by the air. Current work is underway to convert a SAAB 340 aircraft which is expected to operate around all of the Highland and island airports. These aircraft are due to be ready in the coming days. With the one exeception of Barra which will be served by the Twin Otter.

Loganair converted with the EPishuttle pods

Deployment briefings were carried out early last week with the pilots alongside the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) on the nature of the deployment with the first missions expected to have been completed on the 3rd April.

Loganair’s Chief Executive Jonathan Hinkles said:

“The team effort to make this happen, moving from a concept to an operational solution in just a week, has been absolutely incredible.   Between the SAS and Loganair teams, the concept, testing and training has all taken place and we’re also grateful for the support from the Civil Aviation Authority in progressing this project.   

“Although the circumstances under which all of this work has been undertaken are ones that we’d never have wished to see, I’m heartened that the effort which has gone into this is truly admirable.    We will support the Scottish Ambulance Service, the NHS and the island communities who rely on Loganair for their lifeline air services if and when our assistance is needed.”

Source – Loganair

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