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United Airlines expanding transatlantic route

This week United Airlines have placed a set order for 50 A321XLR. The company has also launched an expansion plan for its transatlantic route. They expect to receive their first aircraft in 2024 and the international service to become live in 2025.

Andrew Nocella, United’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer said “The new Airbus A321XLR aircraft is an ideal one-for-one replacement for the older, less-efficient aircraft currently operating between some of the most vital cities in our intercontinental network,”

He also moved on to say that it opens up new destinations and further develop the companies network and provide customers with more opportunity to travel the globe. With the A321XLR having an estimated range of 4700 nautical miles.

United Airlines is currently one of Boeings biggest customers and here they plan to replace their entire 757 fleet. The order value comes to around $6.5 billion.

Looking at the infographic from Airbus above, this unlocks so much potential for United Airlines. It adds approximately an extra 1,500km range compared to the 757 putting Paris and Rome within reach by using the optional fuel tank.

Source – Airbus

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