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Plane Spotting 2020 | Manchester Airport | Long video close up before Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown
#avgeek #aviationgeek #aircraft #planespotting Here we have a plane spotting compilation of aircraft from Feb 2020 before the Coronavirus lockdown
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Dull Afternoon Plane Spotting at Manchester Airport Runway of take off runway 23L and runway 23R
avgeek #aviationgeek #aircraft A few of the action of plane spotting from last week of aircraft departing Manchester Airport on
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A380 Emirates Take off and Landing at Manchester Airport also overhead shot video
avgeek #aviationgeek #aircraft Here we have the Emirates A380 at Manchester Airport. Again plagued with camera focus problem but we
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Manchester Airport 23L Southside take off, aircraft spotting | flybe | Jet2 | Loganair | Cessna 525
avgeek #aviationgeek #aircraft A cold December day at Manchester Airport aircraft spotting on the Southside. Finally the camera gave me
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CLOSE UP take off and landings at Manchester Airport 2019
A couple of visits to Manchester Airport in December 2019 trying to get to grips with the new camera! Unfortunatly
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